Scotty Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen, the magnetic poker player has earned a reputed position in the poker world. He is known to be the prince of poker.  He follows the style that has radiantly worked for the past successful poker players. Numerous poker sites, the names of Scotty Nguyen can be found. Scotty Nguyen enjoys playing and also the win.  He appears to play each table he can get to. With about 200 live competitions, over 30 last tables, and more than $10 million dollars in vocation profit, Scotty Nguyen stands out of the crowd. With his performance he has won the position of the most proficient poker players in the world.

Scotty Nguyen at last scored his first live competition money at the age of 32.  In April of  the year 1997, Scotty asserted his first Wsop bracelet in the series of Limit Omaha Hi/lo for $156,950 . This was undoubtedly a great triumph for him. The world of the poker games has remarked this as the notable series. Stu, one of the best poker players won the 1997 Wsop Championship, getting $1,000,000 and the most important part of this winning is that he got success in achieving the most desired award. Scotty Nguyen has immense confidence that he, too, might one day win a Wsop Championship Event.

While Scotty Nguyen played great at competition tables, he had started wagering on games randomly. His wagering had come to be outrageous to the point that he might make wagers on anything. Scotty Nguyen landed at the 1998 Wsop at Binion’s Gambling Hall in Las Vegas. Scotty won his entrance into the Main Event and perfectly played his route to the last table, where he finally got the success beating Kevin Mcbride. The Championship wasn’t something like enormous money win to Scotty. It was a great deal for him as this brought to him the international fame and success.

Mike Watson wins PCA 2016 Main Event

Mike Watson has won the very first 2016 European Poker Tour main event. The thirty-one year old player from Canada topped a pack of 928 players to snatch a victory in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2016 US$ 5300 No-limit Hold’em main event. For the victory, the man popular as “SirWatts” online caught his very first first EPT main event award as well as the US$ 728325 1st place prize. Now, he has more than US$ 9 million in career live event earnings.
According to reports, Watson stated that this means a lot to win a Main Event with a huge field and mainly the PCA being one of the flagship events of European Poker Tour, and really a premiere tournament in the great poker calendar. It has very special meaning to him that Steve Paul-Ambrose won it 10 years earlier. He was a mentor to him and that makes it extra sweet.

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Owais Ahmed is Pakistani but equally talented in poker as well

Poker presents one of most intriguing gambling games that you can invest in for lucrative earnings if you are cut for the hands.

However, even with the proliferation of global and regionally based poker events, players from developing countries and some states where gambling rules are strict have been surpassed by USA, Canadian, British, and New Zealand. Rarely will you come across players from the sprawling African continent and the Middle East. Despite this, delving into these massive lands will reveal a few players of a distinct mettle who have performed incredibly at global events as well as at home. Among these players, Owais Ahmed name will suffice, he is a Pakistan-based professional poker player.

He is known for winning a World Series of Poker in the 2011 where he played mixed games finishing in the money five times. However, he had also cashed once in 2010, later in 2012 two times, 2013 three times and thrice in 2014 while he has final tabled five times. Read more »

Andoni Larrabe made it through WSOP

Though the Spanish have suffered serious paucity in the international casino arena’s championships, the 2014 World Series of Poker saw Andoni Larrabe rise to the November Nine Finalists.

In fact, he stands out as to be the only Spaniard hitherto to final table, albeit Carlos Mortenson clinched the first title in the main event back in 2001. He is among the players who have emerged to lock horns with the dominating US players and managed to attain prominence at the nascent stages of his career.

Though he did not resuscitate Carlo’s earlier win to bring Spain to the fore, he placed sixth in the WSOP NHLE, Las Vegas 2014. Read more »

Robert Salaburu Wins Indelible in the Poker Industry

Winning at highly competitive platforms of poker like the WSOP events requires distinct performance. Too often players will face challenges as the tournament continues, it can be short chip stacks, High Roller rates and other myriad hurdles prevents players from getting what they intend. At the 2014 WSOP, Robert Salaburu faces similar challenges, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg owing to his history in poker that has seen him win an array of events. Besides his poverty in chips, he is not prominent in the poker community, but he is poised to change that if he clinches the title later. However, he had elicited his reputation earlier, including the South Poker Championship, Biloxi back in 2010, final tabling to place fourth for a scrimpy $5,052.

His performance improved drastically, he cashed in the WSOP Circuit major tournament when the tour was in Florida in 2011. He went ahead to compete at the NAPT (North American Poker Tour) in Uncasville and scooped $17,261 upon winning the $1k NLHE event. This was followed by his appearance in the Pompano Beach Series, he made a final table at the $550 No Limit Hold’em for a 5th position and subsequently clinched a $150 No Limit Hold’em tournament. Salaburu played significantly well at the World Series of Poker $10,000 No Limit Hold’em World’s Championship, struggling to the final table, finishing ninth and earning $754,798. In spite of the many obstacles typical in real cash gambling, Salaburu has managed to push through to the top of prestigious events.

Salaburu will feature the much waited 2014 WSOP, though much surpassed in terms of chips; he still has his wide experience as leverage when juxtaposed with his counterparts at the final table. If all goes well, fortuitous trove bracelet or plethora money will not elude him this time. This is so as he has completed in top-notch poker tournaments with flying colors.

Cameron McKinley the best player who played in WSOP continuously.

The great players would always have some wonderful records attached to their name. For example, Cameron McKinley from United States, Vancouver, WA definitely has the recognizable history with ProRank 1 position 5797 position. Definitely one should be proud if they have been given the most recognized ProRank ranking positions. With his 12 cash prizes he was able to get good fans in the poker world. In the 41st World Series of Poker 2010 Event #46 – WSOP Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better in which he was able to finish 11th position thus winning the cash prize of $23,318.

A similar cash prize of $32,654 was obtained by him in the year June 1st 2011 by playing through the 42nd World Series of Poker 2011 WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better by finishing 7th at the final table. From this series the player has followed the World Series continuously year after year until he reached the 45th World Series of Poker 2014 Event #54 – WSOP Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better by finishing 42nd position at the final table by which he has won an amount of $6,107.  His best cash prize was achieved through the 43rd World Series of Poker 2012 Event #47 – WSOP Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better in which he came in 4th position at the final table and was able to make his all time highest cash prize of $75,151.

His total winnings were counting up to $170,928 which we should admit to be the loveliest income one could earn from the poker world. However, one should definitely understand the talent that is exhibited by this great player in each of his games by which he was able to place himself at the final table and make a cash prize that would be very much alluring for all of the poker players.

Scotty Nguyen, people’s choice as poker champion

Unlike many poker pros, Scotty Nguyen was not born rich and did not enjoy the rich University studies. Though his mother did lot of effort in saving money and send Scotty out of native for better studies, he decided to leave the studies and entered a hard wage earning manual labor. He faced lot of pressures; he was struggling to be happy irrespective of hating the weather. Though he was once again made to join the school, he still skipped and has found to be doing mischievous things until he found poker.

Once he found poker he first played in WPT season 1, Five Diamond World Poker Classic in which he managed finishing 6th position and thus won $48,692. Later in WPT Season 2, PartyPoker Million he finished 6th again and has won $129,842. In WPT season 3, Mirage Poker Showdown he finished 5th and was awarded with $129,509. Thus the first three events showed how best he could play the poker game. All dreams that his family has for the rich life has been turned into reality by the smartness that he showed in playing the various poker events.

His personal life has many more twists, though we know him by Scotty, his original name was Thuan which he later changed when he was cleaning tables at Vegas casino. He, after leaving the signs of poverty in the past is now happy with the family. He loves spending time with his wife, Julie. He likes to have fun time with the two Japanese monkeys named as Lucky and Jackpot by him. He also loves cooking and does try some dishes and serves his wife and family members whenever he gets a chance. Finally with the great success history he was considered to be the people’s choice to be called as poker champion.

New venue for the Hollywood Poker Open

The second season of the Hollywood Poker Open Regional Tournament Series proceeds at the Hollywood Casino located at Penn National Race Course in Grantville of Pennsylvania. A few news sites will be accessible to report from the $1,800 worth Main Event.

During this time, in Mississippi, Toby Mathews won more than $15,000 and entry in the Hollywood Poker Open Championship to be held at The M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas, in the month of June. Other attendees include 2013 WSOP Champion Chris Moneymaker and also 2013 WSOP winning members also with more number of winning amount by winning players.

The inaugural Hollywood Poker Open Championship happened last June at the M Resort. The HPO held distinctive qualifying events, which sent more than 200 players to the final event in Vegas. In the grasp hand $2,500 HPO Championship Event ever held, it was Spain’s Ana Marquez who created triumphant over the 631-player field. The event produced an aggregate prize pool of $1,423,062, of which Marquez took home the top prize of $320,189.

HPO Director Bill Bruce said that they need the players to have a feeling of consistency at every venue. He believes that comes way. Regardless of the fact that you have never been to one of the local money joints before you realize what’s in store since it will be the same group you have seen at the various areas.

According to Lee Childs, the primary HPO events I played were in Charles Town, WV a year ago. At the time, he was living about an hour far from there and was eager to at long last have some true tournaments with respectable structures near and dear. He also added that he didn’t understand until he got there that it was Bill Bruce’s group that was running the events.

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